{ S U M M E R } ~ The most perfect time to dedicate to a good book (or two or three or four!). One of the best ways to beat the heat, escape your current situation & increase your knowledge is to curl up with a good book in hand. Reading is one of my sure-fire tactics to boost my mood & tap into my creativity { I M A G I N A T I ON }. See below for my favorite page-turner picks for July/August:

  • The Witch’s Daughter by Paula Brackston  ~ As a lover all of this magical, mystical & enchanting, I’m always up for reading a book with elements of mysticism intertwined throughout. With a strong female heroine and a dose of history, this looks like it’s sure to be one of my favorites.
  • Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs  ~ This series is a { M U S T – R E A D }. I read the first book in one afternoon & was instantly hooked. The third installment of the series continued the momentum of the first two books with captivating characters, a slew of seemingly insurmountable challenges and a wowing ending. This was the first book on my list that I tackled this July & I’m looking forward to re-reading it again soon. P.S Did you know the movie adaptation is coming to theaters this September? The trailer is hauntingly beautiful. 
  • Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When The Stakes Are High ~ If you’re anything like me, participating in tough conversations doesn’t come easily. My hands get shaky, my mind starts racing & I forget all of the points I’d outlined in my head. This book is pure { G O L D } if you suffer from the same symptoms. With excellent tools to tackle the hardest of convos, this gem deserves a permanent spot on your desk. I’m about half-way through with the book & can’t wait to continue reading.
  • The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert ~ I’m of the mind that everything Elizabeth Gilbert touches is magic, making it a no-brainer that I’m highly anticipating reading this. It’s sure to be an interesting detour from her non-fiction endeavors.
  • Rising Strong by Brene Brown ~ I was gifted this book by a dear friend & it has been { L I F E – C H A N G I N G } to say the least. Brene dives in deep and pushes you towards courageously facing those fears that we try so hard to suppress in the dark. With only a few pages away from being finished with this amazing read, I’m not quite ready to give-up it’s spot on my nightstand.
  • Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert ~ I started reading this the moment it came out and then life got in the way and I didn’t finish it. As someone who has to remind herself of her creativity, I know this book will be a game-changing reminder that creativity comes in many forms & features.
  • 101 Dog Tricks by Kyra Sundance ~ Looking for more ways to bond with your pup besides playful walks and cuddling? This book is your golden ticket! Filled with pet ownership insight and step-by-step trick guides, this has become a new favorite in our house. Look out world – our fur-child Sampson is on his way to puppy stardom with all of the new tricks he is learning.

BONUS BOOK: Harry Potter & The Cursed Child Parts I & II by J.K Rowling  ~ This wouldn’t be a proper Summer reading list without mentioning the most-anticipated book release of the Summer (okay, let’s be honest THE YEAR). As an adult still hoping that my Hogwarts Acceptance Letter will still be coming by OWL, I cannot wait to stay up all night to read this book when it comes out! 

For additional reading inspiration, connect with me on Goodreads where you’ll find my book reviews & upcoming reading lists!

Summer Required Reading - Brittany Neish  Summer Required Reading - Brittany Neish

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